Craft-Pow­ered Apps

Craft CMS isn't just for websites; it can also be used as a headless CMS. This allows you to take advantage of Craft's flexible control panel to manage content via the web, while making that content available via an API to power apps for mobile and tablet apps. This week we'll be joined by Aaron Berkowitz who has been working with Craft to power multiple apps for PBS KIDS. Read More »

Barrel Strength Design

Don’t stop at the sys­tem. Auto­mate, then humanize.

Traditional print/graphic design relies on a strong system to provide a base system so we can get to a minimum standard of consistency and quality as soon as possible… much like the web. But unlike the web, once we have our underlying foundation, most of the effort is made in adding expression and care into how each piece of content is produced and presented. Read More »

Barrel Strength Design

Push­ing the Lim­its of Craft CMS’s Matrix Field

Craft CMS's Matrix field gave users power they never before had. The user rejoiced but they were not satisfied. They pushed the limits of that power, found new ways they wished to harness it, and submitted feature requests. In this hangout, we're taking a trip to Australia to join Benjamin Fleming and Josh Crawford – authors of two Craft field plugins (Neo and Super Table, respectively) that explore new boundaries for Matrix-style fields. We'll discuss the limits of the Matrix, what new problems fields like Neo and Super Table aim to solve, and look at examples of how folks are using these fieldtypes to manage advanced content in Craft. Read More »

Barrel Strength Design

Bet­ter Build Process­es with Gulp and Craft CMS

This week we'll be looking Gulp, build processes, and how to get started and improve your build processes on a Craft CMS website. We'll start with the basics–for those who are new to build scripts or using Codekit–and then take things to the next level looking at a more advanced setup and additional areas to configure for a powerful Gulp workflow on your Craft CMS site and beyond. Read More »

Barrel Strength Design

Flexbox and Craft

In this hangout we will appreciate Craft's BYO HTML approach to templating and take a closer look at the CSS Flexbox Layout module. Breaking away from the float-based approach that has guided web layouts for many years, Flexbox brings a new way of thinking to to how we approach the components of our websites and web applications giving us a variety of new features to help keep things flexible as we design for multiple devices and screen sizes. Read More »

Barrel Strength Design

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