training for teams

Training designed to fit into your busy project schedule and make your team more productive working with Craft CMS.

As a developer, you deal with competing demands for your focus on a daily basis. You know that improving your skills can improve the quality of your work and make your projects easier to maintain. Keeping your skills up to date will even lead to new project opportunities. But how do you find the time? Projects have deadlines. Budgets have limits.

Training for Teams is designed to solve these problems. Whether you're the lead developer on a team managing a wide range of technologies or the manager on a team of several developers, Training for Teams takes an integrated approach to education. We'll work together to design a curriculum that helps you and your team strengthen your skill set alongside an existing project and plan our sessions in a way that complements your weekly project schedule.

The goal of our training sessions is to challenge your team with fresh ideas and new ways to improve the quality of work you can deliver to your clients alongside a project where you can immediately apply those ideas while continuing to invest and focus your energy into to your project.

Through a series of trainings with Ben, our team was able to understand the complete development cycle within Craft CMS utilizing a best-practice approach to setup, configuration, and development. Ben made training fun, informative and personal – his guidance has allowed us to feel more comfortable building complex, intricate websites using all of the built-in tools of Craft CMS paired with functional plug-ins. We definitely recommend team coaching through Ben and Barrel Strength Design!

Meet your instructor

đź‘‹ I'm, Ben Parizek. I've been working with Craft CMS since 2012 (before it was called Craft!). Straight Up Craft started out as a side project with the goal of finding a ways to do more projects with a beautiful CMS. It worked. Craft helped me grow as a web developer and as a business. I'd love to share my experience with you.

My firm, Barrel Strength Design, is a Craft Service Partner with over 30,000 hours of Craft experience. We've worked on Craft projects for companies like Airbnb and Salesforce and our Sprout plugins are used on Craft sites in more than 25 countries around the world.

Ben Parizek, Craft CMS Trainer