Twig Templating

Code Review: Extend­ing Twig with a new Tag and the MN Twig Per­ver­sion Plugin

Do you write clean, optimized code and aspire to best practices? Whether you're actively developing Craft plugins or just getting started, in this Code Review we'll demo real Craft plugin code that's out in the wild and discuss what we can learn from it and how to make it better. This week we'll look at MN Twig Perversion, one of the daring plugins that has ventured into extending Twig to create a new Twig Tag. Twig Tags are a complex feature that require we get a better understanding of Twig's internals as we extend the template engine with Token Parser and Node classes. Read More »

Barrel Strength Design

Flexbox and Craft

In this hangout we will appreciate Craft's BYO HTML approach to templating and take a closer look at the CSS Flexbox Layout module. Breaking away from the float-based approach that has guided web layouts for many years, Flexbox brings a new way of thinking to to how we approach the components of our websites and web applications giving us a variety of new features to help keep things flexible as we design for multiple devices and screen sizes. Read More »

Barrel Strength Design

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