Straight Up Craft Dev Day

Straight Up Craft Dev Day's started out from the interest of several community members to learn more about Craft CMS. While Craft can handle some pretty advanced sites already, Craft is still young and lots of features continue to be added so it's hard to plan out a formal curriculum on many topics that might not get dated quickly. Dev Day's have helped fill this gap and are planned as loosly structured conversations. They are a bit rough, and probably address several items that will get improved and changed over time, but they are a good place to start to start exploring what Craft has to offer.

The {% cache %} tag

Interested in optimizing your website? Let's take a closer look at our mysterious friend the {% cache %} tag. The {% cache %} tag is quite talented, but can be hard to get to know. We'll take a look at what's happening when we use the {% cache %} tag, explore some of the settings, and discuss alternatives to the {% cache %} tag when it comes to keeping zippy. Read More »

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