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Learn Twig A list of some helpful articles for starting out developing sites for Craft with Twig

Plugin Development

Latest Plugins

  • Redactor Extras

    Add extra Redactor plugins for richtext fields in Craft
    Elliot Lewis, February 10, 2016

  • Directory Contents

    Simple craft variable for recursively reading the contents of a directory
    nfourtythree, February 10, 2016

  • Lettering

    Lettering.js port for Craft
    Fred Carlsen, February 06, 2016

Commercial Plugins

  • Smart Map

    Gives you a new "Address" fieldtype, from which you can (A) Render a Google map of your locations, (B) Sort your locations from closest to farthest, and (C) More good stuff!
    Double Secret Agency, March 17, 2014

  • Sprout SEO

    Manage and optimize your SEO Strategy
    Barrel Strength Design, March 04, 2014

Plugin Development 101

Project Gallery
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    Bea Electronics

  • Zaengle.com - Philip Zaengle, Zaengle Corp


  • OxVision - Philip Zaengle, Zaengle Corp


  • Many Beautiful Things - Philip Zaengle, Zaengle Corp

    Many Beautiful Things

  • International School of Mountaineering -

    International School of Mountaineeri...

  • Tashkeel - John Wells, One Darnley Road


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