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Learn Twig A list of some helpful articles for starting out developing sites for Craft with Twig

Plugin Development

Latest Plugins

  • Craft Airtable

    Airtable integration into Craft
    Josh Waller, December 09, 2016

  • Link Vault

    Protect local and remote download links, track downloads, block leech attempts and more
    Masuga Design, December 09, 2016

  • Asset Use (Beta)

    Adds a Control Panel section to easily spot where assets are or aren't being used on your site.
    Boxhead, December 07, 2016

Commercial Plugins

  • Scraper

    Fetch HTML content from any URL, select DOM elements using CSS selectors, and manipulate/output content via Twig.
    Top Shelf Craft (Michael Rog), November 20, 2014

  • Salesforce Lead

    Sends Contact Form plugin submissions to Salesforce as a Lead
    Solspace, March 02, 2015

  • Tiny Image

    Improve your websites performance by providing a clean and easy interface to easily optimize image sizes!
    Jason McCallister, July 27, 2015

Plugin Development 101

Project Gallery
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    Starline Dropbox integration

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    Click website

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    Starline corporate website

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    Coppens fireworks webshop

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    Kwink website

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