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Why should you choose Craft? Join us for an introductory webinar on Craft CMS, Craft Commerce, or the Sprout Business Suite. Learn if Craft CMS is right for you.

Webinars begin with a 15-20 minute presentation and continue with an open discussion. We'll be sharing our screen, so you can ask questions and, in real time, we can demo how your questions would be handled in Craft. We'll cover topics from content architecture to usability to performance and demonstrate how your website can integrate with your SEO, email marketing, and landing page strategies.

  • Introduction to Craft CMS, First and third Fridays
  • Introduction to Craft Commerce, Second Fridays
  • Introduction to Sprout Plugins for Craft CMS, Fourth Fridays

Space is limited to ensure we have time to discuss everyone's questions.

Ben Parizek, Craft CMS Training

Ben Parizek has been working with Craft since 2012 and was instructor of the first Virtual Craft Training for Pixel & Tonic. His firm, Barrel Strength Design, is a Craft Service Partner with over 20,000 hours of Craft experience and develops the Sprout Business Suite plugins for Craft CMS.

Craft CMS

Introduction to Craft CMS

In this free introductory webinar, we'll tour Craft and explore how it can improve your brand, content strategy, and online business and marketing workflows.

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Craft Commerce

Introduction to Craft Commerce

In this free introductory webinar, we'll tour the power and flexibility of Craft Commerce and how to easily manage your online store right alongside your content.

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Sprout Plugins for Craft CMS

Introduction to Sprout Plugins

In this free introductory webinar, we'll tour the Sprout Business Suite and how to integrate SEO, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, and Reporting into your content strategy.

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