olivestudio,  - Crafting since 2015


Crafting since 2015
Sibiu, Romania


Born from a need to change an “eastern” mentality, Olive Studio has grown into company with clients all over the world.

What made this possible?
 Close communication with our customers
 Quality of end result
 Swift delivery
How are we different?
 Results with a personal touch. The customer is in a close relationship with us from planning till end result, being up-to-date on where things are and how development is going.
 Custom applications development and Outsourcing. We provide both services depending on the customer’s needs.
 The office is in a building from 1800s. Located in the old area of a beautiful city it gives a great insight on how great things are built.
 Two brothers are running it. Even though quite different personality wise, we work well together.
Where do we go from here?
 Closer contact to our customers
 More services
 More technologies
 Partnerships with more creative agencies

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