Matt Stein,  - Crafting since 2012

Matt Stein

Crafting since 2012
Seattle, Washington


I'm a reliable nerd who likes asking questions, solving problems, and building things to make peoples' lives easier. My formal background is in Graphic Design and I've been making websites for roughly a decade. Originally from Ohio, I was schooled in upstate New York, lived in Florida for a few years, and am now attempting to pass for a Seattleite.

I'm eight years into my solo endeavor, building things for clients large and small. My secret weapons are honesty, accountability, and occasionally a pleasant demeanor. I enjoy ongoing client relationships, adding new projects when evidence points to a good fit.

I attempt to stay on top of modern practices and keep things fast, pleasant, and accessible, advocating for visitors.

This I do: content planning & wireframing; design & prototyping; CMS sites: Craft, Statamic, or ExpressionEngine; Laravel PHP+MySQL development (a little bit with Yii);  HTML(5), CSS (Sass, Less), and JavaScript (jQuery, Vue); basic (LAMP) server administration; SEO planning, measurement, and basic tuning.

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