Com­pos­er and Craft 3

Craft 3 is available as a composer package and enables developers to manage plugins as composer packages as well. While this is exciting news for some, it's also a source of confusion for many users who don't use composer on a regular basis. In this hangout, we'll talk with Brandon Kelly how they are using composer with Craft and go through several examples of how to manage Craft projects and plugin development workflows using composer as well.

  • 00:57 What is composer?
  • 03:52 What packages is Craft using?
  • 05:30 Are plugins packages?
  • 08:18 How are the Plugin Store and Packagist different?
  • 12:02 How much do designers need to know about composer?
  • 16:31 Installing composer?
  • 17:59 Looking at composer.json
  • 20:48 How does composer create-project work?
  • 25:12 What files in a Craft project folder relate to composer?
  • 30:19 What composer files should we add to the .gitignore?
  • 30:39 How do you manage the vendor folder when deploying a site?
  • 34:46 When do I update composer locally?
  • 36:10 How can you create a custom base installation with composer and Craft?
  • 39:39 How does composer's minimum-stability setting work?
  • 44:09 Composer for Plugins
  • 46:20 The plugins.php file
  • 49:56 What does the Craft do when developers make mistakes and push them to the Plugin Store?
  • 56:50 How flexible do you need to be when setting composer versions and constraints in your plugin dependencies?
  • 01:10:42 How do I use path repositories to develop my plugins locally?
  • 01:20:01 How do I troubleshoot path repositories when things go wrong?
  • 01:34:52 Initial wrap-up
  • 01:35:14 How do you debug someone else's database when you don't have any of the plugins they have installed?
  • 01:36:50 Where can you manage private packages for a project?
  • 01:42:35 Outro

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