SEOmatic A turnkey SEO implementation for Craft CMS that is comprehensive, powerful, and flexible

Developed by nystudio107

SEOmatic allows you to quickly get a website up and running with a robust, comprehensive SEO strategy. It is also implemented in a Craft-y way, in that it is also flexible and customizable.  The SEOmetrics feature scans your content for focus keywords, and offers analysis on how to improve your SEO.

It implements JSON-LD microdata, Dublin Core core metadata, Twitter Cards tags, Facebook OpenGraph tags, Humans.txt authorship accreditation, and as well as HTML meta tags.

The general philosophy is that SEO Site Meta can be overridden by SEO Template Meta, which can be overridden by SEO Entry Meta, which can be overridden by dynamic SEO Twig tags.

In this way, the SEO Meta tags on your site cascade, so that they are globally available, but also can be customized in a very granular way.

SEOmatic populates your templates with SEO Meta in the same way that Craft populates your templates with `entry` variables, with a similar level of freedom and flexibility in terms of how you utilize them.

SEOmatic also caches each unique SEO Meta request so that your website performance is minimally impacted by the rich SEO Meta tags provided.


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