Try Craft Pro for Free

If you want to work with Craft Client or Craft Pro but – for one reason or another – don't have the appropriate Craft license, Craft supports a way to test out its full features without pulling out your wallet. To get access to Craft Client or Craft Pro for Free, you'll need to take a few steps.

Setup Craft on your local computer using '' in the domain

You can use alone or as part of a subdomain. All of these examples should work fine to get Craft Client or Pro setup for free:


Enable Craft Client or Craft Pro for testing

Once you have the proper domain setup, you will still need to take another step to enable the free version of Craft Client or Craft Pro. Just like you are going to purchase Craft, click on "Upgrade Craft to take your site to the next level" and instead of an option to purchase Craft, you will now see an option to test Craft Client or Craft Pro.

Try Craft Pro for Free

You can work with the test versions of Craft Client or Craft Pro as long as you want. When you migrate your site to a new domain, you will be prompted to downgrade or purchase the appropriate license.

Note: If you want to quickly toggle between the Craft Client and Pro editions, once you are running on a whitelisted domain, you can toggle the Craft edition by updating the number in the edition column in the craft_info database table.

  1. Craft Personal = 0
  2. Craft Client = 1
  3. Craft Pro = 2

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