intro to craft cms

A short, live, introduction to Craft CMS and the greater Craft community.

Our Intro to Craft webinar begins with a 15-20 minute presentation and continues with an open discussion with plenty of room for Q&A. During the presentation, we'll be sharing our screen, so you can ask questions and, in real time, we can demo how your questions would be handled in Craft.

We'll cover topics such as Craft's content modeling and flexible content builders. We'll discuss Craft's features around usability and performance. And we'll demonstrate how a Craft website can integrate with your SEO, email marketing, and landing page strategies.

Why do you do this?

While there are several good blog posts and video tutorials for Craft beginners, we feel that as you get familiar with a new product, nothing substitutes for a (virtual) in-person conversation where you can look over someones shoulder and ask your questions on the fly.

Choosing software is more than a technical decision – it's the decision to join a community. The small group, unrecorded format of our Intro to Craft webinar gives us a chance to invite you into the Craft community, help you understand how the different resources in the Craft community can benefit you, and provides the opportunity for you to ask business-specific questions in a casual setting.

Meet your instructor

👋 I'm, Ben Parizek. I've been working with Craft CMS since 2012 (before it was called Craft!). Straight Up Craft started out as a side project with the goal of finding a ways to do more projects with a beautiful CMS. It worked. Craft helped me grow as a web developer and as a business. I'd love to share my experience with you.

My firm, Barrel Strength Design, is a Craft Service Partner with over 30,000 hours of Craft experience. We've worked on Craft projects for companies like Airbnb and Salesforce and our Sprout plugins are used on Craft sites in more than 25 countries around the world.

Ben Parizek, Craft CMS Trainer

Level up in Craft CMS with practical examples, snippets, and patterns.
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