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The Twig pro­cess­ing order in Craft templates

Sometimes the order of things matters. This article begins to explore how Twig Templates in Craft CMS are processed. We'll take a look at the order in which the `set`, `block`, `extends` and `include` tags get evaluated and rendered. Understanding the logic behind how the page is processed will help you decide when to use these tags; whether you should be using these tags in your layouts, page templates, or partials; and know when you need to consider alternative methods to pass variables between your templates more easily when dealing with more advanced templating needs. Read More »

Ben Parizek

The Defin­i­tive Guide to Val­i­da­tion in Craft

In the 5 part series linked below, Stephen Lewis from Experience provides a nice overview and deep dive of Validation in Craft and how it relates to the underlying validation in Yii.

Part 1: Foundations
If you’re working on a Craft plugin that accepts user input, chances are you’ll want to validate that data...

Part 2: AttributeTypes
This instalment is all about Craft’s AttributeTypes: what they are, what they do, and which ones are available.

Part 3: Attribute Rules
This instalment is all about attribute rules: what they are, how they affect validation, and which ones are available.

Part 4: Hidden Validator Settings
This instalment is all about “hidden” validator settings, which aren’t accessible via the usual Craft attribute rules.

Part 5: Custom Validators
This instalment is all about implementing your own custom validators.

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