Trou­bleshoot­ing and debug­ging errors in PHP

Dump, die, throw, log. In this hangout, we'll take a look at the various tools we have to help identify and troubleshoot errors in PHP as we design and develop websites and plugins with Craft CMS.

We take a look at various simple, dump-driven development techniques and then compare those to debugging in PhpStorm using X-debug. Brad Bell gives a demo on getting X-debug setup in PhpStorm along with several tips to improve your debugging workflow.

  • 01:12 What steps should we take before we start troubleshooting in PHP? devMode, Server Info
  • 05:45 Debugging slow queries with the console profiling section
  • 06:12 What is in the Craft log files and how to do we find errors?
  • 10:26 A look at the Craft::log() method in Craft and Plugins.
  • 12:08 Where does Craft share information on PHP fatal errors?
  • 12:58 Handling 404 errors
  • 14:08 Dump-driven development: die, var_dump, print_r
  • 15:54 Craft tools for dump-driven development: Craft::dump(), Craft::dd()
  • 20:22 Preparing the request in the craft\app\etc\web\WebApp.php file
  • 25:15 What is X-debug and where does it fit in?
  • 26:38 How to setup X-debug to debug PHP in PhpStorm
  • 31:19 A first look at debugging and some useful breakpoints to troubleshoot errors
  • 35:00 Using X-debug to explore a saveEntry request
  • 40:56 Using conditionals in X-debug to debug specific scenarios
  • 45:45 Starting and stopping a debugging session in X-debug
  • 48:21 Debugging different versions of PHP
  • 50:28 Using X-debug to help debug a support ticket
  • 1:06:35 Can we use X-debug to troubleshoot ajax requests too?
  • 1:11:30 Wrap up

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