Bill Ross,  - Crafting since 2015

Bill Ross

Crafting since 2015


Linchpin SEO is an agency built for small business. We believe small businesses should have the same opportunities as national brands, in regards to quality of work and access to industry leading web designers, SEOs, and content marketers - because every small business deserves an amazing website.

My ten-year background in digital marketing has helped me rise to strategic lead for some of the largest online brands and content websites in the world. Because I'm a valued digital marketing evangelist and coach, clients such as Nissan, Infiniti, AT&T, Moen, & HP, have looked to me for leadership in the world of SEO, Web Design, and Content Strategy.

With a degree in Psychology from Siena College, I believe the priority to understand the user surpasses most others; and the end product must provide value through engaging content assets that drive traffic, search rankings, and ultimately conversions.

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