Ben Parizek,  - Crafting since 2012

Ben Parizek

Crafting since 2012
Beautiful California


Good day. My name's Ben. I'm a Partner and Creative Director at Barrel Strength Design, a design firm dedicated to clean design and helping individuals and businesses succeed on the web with a comfortable user experience.

Last year, we decided to use Craft as our primary CMS.  It started out with us testing Craft on a couple of internal websites. As we learned more about how flexible, powerful and easy to use Craft was as a designer, developer or content manager, we fell in love.   

Soon after, we decided to create Straight Up Craft, a website dedicated to helping grow the marketplace for Craft by helping to connect people and making resources for learning Craft easy to find.

Before wearing the hats of designer, developer, and small business owner, I completed an MA in Economics and taught Economics for 3 years.

My pastimes include Price Theory, Swing Dancing, and, now and then, writing Animal Songs for Strong Children!



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