Roger Glenn,  - Crafting since 2013

Roger Glenn

Crafting since 2013
Austin, TX


PARTNERING WITH DIGITAL AGENCIES who expect their web developer to deliver the same quality of work they are known for.

Roger is known for his professionalism during every stage of a web development project: consulting with stakeholders to define functional requirements that fit realistically within budgets and timelines, delivering work on schedule during each stage of a project, responding quickly to feedback and questions through a variety of communication channels, and being available to support his projects after successful launches.

Since beginning his career in the late 1990’s Roger has developed and delivered highly visible websites in collaboration with digital agencies, non-profits, global corporations, and government agencies. He’s architected & engineered all sorts of websites and web applications; from simple brochure sites to mobile-optimized portfolios and enterprise level SaaS cloud products.

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