Simple project to find homepage twig to change email capture autoresponder snipet

Posted: July 2, 2019

Freelance Monarch Manor Farms, Located in Florida but can be done remotely

wildlife preservation rescue and plant sciences

Job Description

Hi everyone, this is a simple project for a competent Craft developer. I simply need the following:Craft cms Change autoresponder email snippet api on my homepage, tell me where it is located so I can change in future. I think it is a twig, but I just can't find it.

  1. identify location on my dedicated server where the autoresponder email snippet is located (homepage)
  2. Change email snippet
  3. short tutorial showing me where to go and what to change if i need to change autoresponder services again
  4. add email capture to ecommerce so it shows on the email reciept sent to purchaser and cc we get.
  5. Additional services wil be needed as we ramp back up after we implement a new autoresponder

How to Apply

Please be well versed in this process with Craft you can send me an email or call and discuss and provide a quote

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