taskrunner (Craft CMS 2.x) Process Craft Tasks in the background by Cron

Developed by 24hoursmedia

Run background tasks by cronjob

Craft CMS comes with a service that runs tasks asynchronous in the background.

By default these tasks are executed after an http request of the CP control panel.

This plugin allows to run these tasks by a cron job without any http requests at all, not even internally.

Why this plugin?

During development of a tool to migrate content, we noticed a lot of tasks being generated (of type UpdateElementSlugsAndUri).The amount of tasks led to a lockdown of the CP and a halt of task processing.

We had to clear the tasks manually in the database to make the system work again.

Additionally, http requests are not ideal for background task processing. Timeouts, memory limits and restrictions on max. fpm-processes may intervene with the processing.Processing tasks through cron jobs allows for greater scalability and stability.

This plugin is developed by 24hoursmedia.


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