Sprout SEO Content-focused SEO. Search, Structured Data, Social Media Sharing, Redirects, and Sitemap.

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Content strategy and SEO strategy side by side

Sprout SEO provide you an intuitive, seamless, and flexible way to manage your SEO strategy within Craft CMS. Content editors will enjoy a clear visual relationship between content and metadata where they can focus on content and maximize visibility.

One line of code, 100% control.

Sprout SEO is powered by a single tag to your templates. Place the `{% sproutseo 'optimize' %}` tag in the <head> of your HTML page and you're up and running:

Setup XML Sitemaps in minutes

Enable your sections to be included in XML Sitemap. XML Sitemaps also support multi-language content and custom pages, ensuring every page you have in any language is easy to find.

Manage Redirects with ease

Whether you need to move a page to a new location during a migration or need to update your URLs to target a new SEO strategy - Sprout SEO makes it easy to add simple and advanced Redirects, turn them on or off, and bulk update the redirect method.

Sprout SEO is available for purchase in the Craft Plugin Store.

Sprout SEO

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