Neo A Matrix-like field type that uses existing fields.

Developed by Benjamin Fleming

Neo is a Craft CMS field type that builds upon the concept of the Matrix field type with a number of very useful features. Neo has been carefully crafted (pun intended) to ensure it matches the look and feel of Craft.

Use existing fields - In contrast to the Matrix field, block types are built using existing fields.

Organise blocks with tabs - Sometimes block types require having a lot of fields. Using the field layout designer, you can organise fields into tabs, much like when creating entry types.

Group block buttons - And sometimes you end up with many block types. Adding groups allows you to organise your block types into drop down menus

Set maximum blocks by type - Neo has the ability to set a maximum count on individual block types.

Allow blocks to contain children - Let block types have the ability to contain child block types. You can filter what blocks are allowed within others, as well as set whether a block type can only be a child of another.

Supports the following plugins

  • CpFieldLinks - Supports the control panel sugar that this plugin adds in blocks.
  • Quick Field - Supports the ability to create fields when building field layouts for block types.
  • Reasons - Supports the ability to set field conditionals on block types.
  • Relabel - Supports the ability to relabel fields on block types.

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