Feed Me Easily import entries from XML/RSS/JSON feeds, for scheduled processing, or on-demand with template tag.

Developed by Josh Crawford

Feed Me is a Craft CMS plugin for super-simple importing of content, either once-off or at regular intervals. With support for XML, RSS, ATOM or JSON feeds, you'll be able to import your content as Entries, Categories, Craft Commerce Products (and variants), and more.

Major Features

Import data from XML, RSS, ATOM or JSON feeds, local or remote.Import into Entries (Free), Assets, Categories, Users, and Commerce Products (Pro only).Feeds are saved to allow easy re-processing on-demand, or to be used in a Cron job.Simple field-mapping interface to match your feed data with your element fields.Duplication handling - control what happens when feeds are processed again.Uses Craft's Task service to process feeds in the background.Database backups before each feed processing.Troubleshoot feed processing issues with logs.Grab feed data directly from your twig templates.Craft 2.5+ compatible.New in 2.0

Feed Me 2.0 featured a major re-write, and includes a bunch of new features and improvements. The major items are:Added support for Assets, Categories, Users, Commerce Products (Pro only).Support for third-party element types.Auto-upload Assets when mapping.Matrix smart-checking for existing content.Selecting what sort of content you're providing for Elements (ID, Title or Slug).Support to map content to element's inner fields (think fields for assets).New parsing method for XML feeds, includes attribute-mapping.New mapping interface allows setting defaults for most fields.Improved Import Strategy (select a combination of Add/Update/Delete).See the full list of changes on the Updates page.

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