Abandoned Cart The Abandoned Cart plugin notifies your customers that they have abandoned their shopping carts and did not finish the complete order process.

Developed by Digital Agency WHITE

Main functionality

The plugin will collect data from an abandoned cart in the backend and send a templated email after a specified amount of time ('X' hours) to that specific customer. With the link in the email the customer will be able to reactive their shopping cart i.e. they will guided back to the shop with the selected (abandoned) products already in their cart with the chance to finish their order.

Research shows that between 60 -70% of all shopping carts online are abandoned before the sale is complete. This means that there is a huge opportunity to reactivate these customers and get this postponed sales. There is no doubt that setting up an abandon cart campaign will increase your web shop sales!

See below for more information on the main features in this plugin.

Key features

  • Checks which carts are abandoned and have a valid email address
  • Sends cart recovery e-mails 'X' hours after cart is created
  • Only sends one email for each cart
  • One time validity of link in email
  • Clears existing cart after using link (redirect to empty cart)
  • Send emails manually on plugin page (e.g. for test purposes)
  • Support for shops in one language (EN default)

Plugin configuration options

  • Email Address: the 'From'-email address that is used when sending abandoned cart mails. 
  • From Name: the 'From'-name that is used when sending abandoned cart mails. 
  • Email Subject: the 'Subject' for the outgoing email. 
  • Email Template: the path to the email template to be used. 
  • Delay Hours: number of hours to wait before sending email after a cart becomes inactive. 
  • Redirect URL: where to redirect to, when the cart is revived. 

Requirements for using this plugin

  • install plugin using composer
  • email template, use your own customized html
  • access to cron tab to set cronjob
  • NOTE: this plugin creates a single db table, to keep track of which order is emailed
Abandoned Cart

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