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While we await the first party plugin store, you can find Craft plugins listed here. If you are plugin developer, please take the time to sign up and add your plugin to the list.

If you are a developer, the plugin list is also available as a JSON api so you can integrate it into your own projects any way you want.

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Name Description Developer
Craft CMS Frontend Profile Image Saver Bram Mittendorff
Rollbar Plugin that allows you to log Craft Errors/Exceptions to Rollbar Bob Olde Hampsink
Shortlist Lightweight, flexible lists for Craft Square Bit
Rich Text Widget Add a Rich Text widget type to your Craft dashboard Adam Gilleard
Firesize Use to super-quickly resize images on the fly, with built-in CDN. Fred Carlsen
Comments Give your users (and guests) the ability to comment on entries - all managed through Craft. S. Group
Slack Send messages to Slack from Craft Fred Carlsen
CP Nav A plugin to help manage your Control Panel navigation. S. Group
Twig Imgsrc A Craft CMS Twig extension for consuming the image placeholder service in your templates. Bluegg
SmartyPants Use PHP SmartyPants to apply a handful of nice typography rules to text. Fred Carlsen
Obsolete URL Redirect A plugin for Craft to automatically redirect from an entry’s old URL to its new URL. Michael LaCroix
Seconds To HMS Twig extension for converting seconds to hours, minutes and seconds webdna
Sass A Craft plugin that compiles SASS on the server as needed. iMarc LLC
Utilities Me! Easy access to Craft's hidden Utilities CP section Mats Mikkel Rummelhoff
Language Link Easily switch between languages on any page of your website! Double Secret Agency
Retinafy Create retina images, utilising srcset. Mark Goodyear
VZ Address Store mailing addresses and output them in various formats. Eli Van Zoeren
Set Table A field type to allow you to create static tables. Provides a 'label' column type. S. Group
Google reCAPTCHA Easily use the Google reCAPTCHA widget in your templates to verify users and prevent spam. Aaron Berkowitz
WorldTime Uses to fetch timezone information about the visitors ip. Fred Carlsen
Field Manager Field Manager is a plugin to help make it easy to manage your fields and field groups. Supports cloning fields and field groups. S. Group
SharedCount Use to fetch statistics about shares/likes from multiple services in one call. Fred Carlsen
Market Commerce Market Commerce, powerful selling. Make with Morph (Luke Holder)
Go Live Deploy from staging to production with the click of a button! 70kft
Salesforce Lead Sends Contact Form plugin submissions to Salesforce as a Lead Solspace, Inc.
Feed Me Easily create or update entries from XML feeds, for scheduled processing, or on-demand with template tag. S. Group
Retcon HTML Twig filters for bulk image transforms and HTML/DOM manipulation. Mats Mikkel Rummelhoff
Faker Allows you to use Faker to output random fake data in your templates. Fred Carlsen
Embedly Use to fetch information and embed content from 250+ services. Fred Carlsen
Input Mask Allows formatted input strings for data like phone numbers, dates, ect... Roi Kingon
Feeds Simple plugin to display social media feeds. Currently supports Twitter embedded timelines. Aaron Berkowitz
Entry Instructions A fieldtype to create customized field and entry instructions; very similar to NSM Publish Hints for EE. Tom Cunningham
Sanction Craft plugin to control access to user permissions. Joshua Baker
Notifier Notifier for Craft is a plugin that provides Airbrake notifications to Codebase and/or Paramore | The digital agency
DashCols Easily add custom fields to Entry and Category index tables. Mats Mikkel Rummelhoff
Admin Bar Simple front-end shortcut bar for users logged into Craft CMS. Will Browar
Date Interval String Convert strings into an ISO8601 interval string for use on datetime attributes in html & for duration properties Roi Kingon
Category Sources View your entries by their category-based taxonomies Pixel & Tonic
Redactor Buffer Buttons Adds an undo and redo buttons to the Redactor editor. No frills. Chad Wells
NP Typeahead A simple plugin that provides a Plain Text field type using Twitter Typeahead Nils & Paul
Verbatim A Craft plugin that enables deep linking to your content. Aaron Berkowitz @ nclud
Transit Craft plugin to integrate Washington, DC's public transportation system API (WMATA) Aaron Berkowitz
SuperSort A Twig filter for sorting elements by rendering a micro template — Sort elements by Matrix values, math results, properties of related elements, etc. Michael Rog
Galleryoots Craft CMS Image Gallery Plugin Out Of The Square Media
BM Time Ago In Words Output datetimes and timestamps in terms of minutes, hours, days and months ago (fuzzy format). Blue Mantis
Sitemap XML sitemap generator. Andy Heathershaw
Table Maker A field type that enables your users to define their own tables Supercool
Popular Provides hit-tracking on entries and helpers for showing popular content by hits, and sorting tags by popularity. Andy Heathershaw
MN Match Input field type for text fields that match a regex pattern Marion Newlevant
TextEffect This plugin allows you to have some fun with text effects on your Craft CMS site. Elegrit
PathTools This twig plugin for the Craft CMS brings convenient path & url manipulation functions & filters to your Twig templates.
Craft Help Allows developers to provide CMS documentation to their clients directly inside the control panel 70kft
Geo Get info about location of visitors from their IP address. Make with Morph (Luke Holder)
Postmaster The communications toolkit for Craft CMS Objective HTML
Familiar Menus A simple but powerful menus plugin for Craft CMS built with a custom element type. Familiar
Slugged A Craft plugin to auto generate hashed slugs for entries Alec Ritson
Simple Sitemap Automatically generate a really simple XML sitemap XO Digital
Art Vandelay UI for importing and exporting fields and sections as JSON XO Digital
Formerly Alow users to build their own forms and view form submissions XO Digital
Upvote Upvote & downvote, emulate everything from Stack Overflow to Facebook "Likes" Double Secret Agency
SquareIt Plugin that removes some border-radius in the Control Panel Jason McCallister
Form Builder Form builder for craft cms. Lets you build multiple forms with custom fields. Dynamically display the forms in your templates. Upon submission the forms are saved and stored in the database as well as notification sent to the form's owner. Roundhouse Agency
HTML Attributes A Craft plugin (Twig filter) to help with the output of HTML attributes. Tim Kelty
BM Private Messaging A private messaging plugin for Craft CMS. Blue Mantis
Piwik Analytics Open source analytics Matt Green
Group By A Craft plugin (Twig filter) for grouping entries. Tim Kelty
Scraper Fetch HTML content from any URL, select DOM elements using CSS selectors, and manipulate/output content via Twig. Michael Rog
Button Box A set of field types for colours, star ratings, text size and customisable buttons. Supercool
Printmaker Generate a PDF from any template, URL, or HTML code — in just one easy line of code! Top Shelf Craft (Michael Rog)
ImageSmith Advanced image manipulation and caching — just-in-time, highly customizable, in your templates! Michael Rog
VZ URL URL fieldtype with validation Eli Van Zoeren
IP Whitelist Limit requests to your site to a whitelist of IP addresses. Someone & Sons
FieldNotes A Field Type that displays a custom note in place of a field input. Michael Rog
3redkites Piwik Analytics for Craft CMS Show Piwik Analytics widgets in the dashboard for Craft CMS 3 Red Kites Studio Inc.
Color Converter A set of Twig filters to convert color strings from one format to another (i.e. Hex to RGB) Michael Rog
Field Guide A simple Craft CMS plugin that lists all your fields and their handles, grouped by section. James Muspratt
Curbed Set a limit to the amount of entries a user can create, based on their user group Alec Ritson
Save Search A dead simple way to save your search queries in Craft as you navigate around the control panel. Page 8
a&m navigation Navigations in Craft, made easy a&m impact
Pimp My Matrix Enhance a busy Matrix field and organise block types Supercool
MX Range Slider MX RangeSlider is range fieldtype for CraftCMS which helps you to create a really nice and user friendly range select elements. Max Lazar
Who's Around? Plugin that users to list online users. Fred Carlsen
Url Exists for Craft With this plugin you can use urlexists() to check if your images do exist and if not change it. Bram Mittendorff
Asset breadcrumb for Craft CMS This Plugin allows you to generate a breadcrumb for assets by a folderId and returns objects. Bram Mittendorff
Audit Log Log adding/updating/deleting of categories/entries/users and see who did what, where Bob Olde Hampsink
Unique Value A field type that will force the value to be unique across all instances of that field. Josh Angell
Auto-Assign User Group Automatically assign newly created users to a specific user group. Double Secret Agency
Craft Calendars An easy-to-use, powerful-as-balls Calendar for Craft. Any Element can be an event. Now w/ multiple recurrence rules, multiple calendars, & more cowbell. Michael Rog
Randomm Fieldtype that allows you to create random things via chance.js. Fred Carlsen
jSocial a Simple Social sharing plugin Jerome Duncan
Geo Fields Simply adds geolocation tracking to entries with the field. Shane Hudson
Bookworm (for Goodreads) Craft CMS plugin to provide lists of books from your Goodreads shelves Ian Isted
Glossary Glossary makes it easy to create directory listings, such as a list of staff members, grouped by surname. Experience
URL2PNG Lets you embed screenshots of webpages via the URL2PNG API. (Promo code CRAFT to get $40 credit) Fred Carlsen
Internal Assets Plugin Limit access to your assets Saccilotto Consulting
Cold Cache A cold-hearted cache tag for Craft. Pixel & Tonic
Template Select A fieldtype that allows you to select a template from a dropdown. Fred Carlsen
Redactor Add Attributes Simple wrapper for a Redactor plugin that automatically adds attributes to your tags. Nils & Paul
Translate Translation interface for every word that goes through Craft's translate function Bob Olde Hampsink
Overflow Craft field type. Displays the number of characters entered in the field, and the total number of "recommended" characters. Experience
Google Maps for Craft The complete mapping and geolocation toolkit Objective HTML
FoxyCart Integrate ecommerce easily into your site with FoxyCart FoxyCart
LinkHelpers Add a series of Twig filters and functions for CraftCMS to add link helpers for URLs and emails. Matt Stauffer
3redkites Craft Utillities A simple Craft CMS plugin with different utilities 3 Red Kites Studio Inc.
Locationtime Simple twig filter, outputs time for location Decoders
Lemmings Lemmings is kick start to Craft plugin development. Craft Plus
CraftNav CraftNav is a drag and drop nav builder Craft Plus
Twig Type Test Test if a Twig Variable is of a certain type Victor In.
Custom Validation Additional & custom validation / error messages on basic Craft field types. Fruit Studios
Premailer Craft wrapper for Premailer (a CSS inliner for emails) Roi Kingon
Download Assets A dashboard widget to make it easy to download a zip archive of local assets. Matt Stauffer
First Paragraph Return the first paragraph (<p></p>) from a rich text area. Red Carrot
Parsedown Adds a Parsedown templating filter and plugin API. Pixel & Tonic
SimpleText Simple textarea field type with some fancy IDE-style features courtesy of Behave.js Pixel & Tonic
DS Solr Integrates SOLR tightly with Craft Dion Snoeijen
Currency Convert amounts between currencies in templates on the fly, using the latest international conversion rates. Someone & Sons
Gravatar Craft CMS plugin allowing you to easily insert an avatar url or image from Gravatar. Ryan Shrum
Casper Casper is a simple, blank slate plugin for Craft CMS Craft Plus
Store Hours Field type for collecting the opening and closing hours for a business Pixel & Tonic
Export Export Entries & Users as CSV Bob Olde Hampsink
Many to Many Add reverse relationship management between two sections Page 8
a&m Command Palette Command palette in Craft; Because you can a&m impact
Zip Assets Download multiple asset as a zipfile Bob Olde Hampsink
Placid Consume RESTful APIs in your templates Alec Ritson
Set Ini Use to set a parameter using ini_set() for PHP. Useful for things like setting PHP's memory limit on a per-request basis. Clear
Icons Simple Font Icon fieldtype Fruit Studios
Hacksaw A migrated version of Brett DeWoody's Hacksaw for ExpressionEngine. Ryan Shrum
Read Time An "estimated read time" plugin for Craft CMS. Ryan Shrum
Mailer Send Emails from the CP to custom recipients, specific users or whole usergroups. Victor In
Filter Environment Variables Replace environment variable strings in your Twig variables! Double Secret Agency
Snipcart A Craft plugin for browsing Snipcart API information from the Craft control panel. Working Concept
Stack Exchange Profile Info A Craft plugin for getting public Stack Exchange profile information. Working Concept
Business Logic template Makes it easy to add PHP snippets to your website... A simple template for your business logic. Double Secret Agency
Redactor Word Count Plugin that adds a word count to Redactor fields in Craft. André Elvan
Cache Clear Craft plugin that allows you to clear your cache outside of the control panel. Jason McCallister
Control Panel JS Include additional JavaScript in your Craft Control Panel. Just remember, "with great power comes great responsibility." - Voltaire Double Secret Agency
3redkites Flickr Connect Display statistics, totals, favs, and comments for your Flickr Photos 3 Red Kites Studio
Happy Brad Add a Happy Brad Dashboard Widget Matt Stauffer
Redactor Styles Craft wrapper for the Styles Redactor plugin by JP Devries André Elvan
Prune Add a Twig filter for CraftCMS templates to "prune" out fields of entries. Matt Stauffer
Twig PCRE Filters Adds PCRE-functions as Twig Filters Victor In
Ad Wizard Easily manage custom advertisements on your Craft website! Double Secret Agency
Embedder Generate the exact, most up-to-date YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or Viddler embed code available. Adam Powell
Twig Better Sort Filter Specify the sorting-method for Twigs sort-filter Victor In
Guano Guano adds some small GUI improvements to the Craft control panel. André Elvan
MN Break and Continue {%break%} and {%continue%} twig tags Marion Newlevant
Blueprint Show overview of all defined content (fields, sections, globals, assets, ...) on one page. Boris Jerenec
Subscribe Mailing List Subscribe Plugin Fruit Studios
Member Assets Quick & dirty plugin to protect (require login) your assets Jeroen Kenters
Video Embed Utility Provides a Twig extension to emit embed code for YouTube and Vimeo URLs. Staplegun Design, Inc.
Craft Import with XML & EE examples Starter code for your Craft Import. Need help? Get in touch to book an import to your Craft database from EE or WordPress. Clearbold
Bugherd an easy way to install Bugherd's feedback widget into the Craft CMS sites and control panel Familiar
Territories Fieldtype Dropdown fieldtype of territories/countries, fully translated. John D Wells
Applications Plugin to handle applications directly on your website Jason McCallister
PThumb Easy PDF thumbnails for Craft Carnes Media
Introvert Introvert allows you to see reverse related entries to the entry currently being edited. @iain
Concierge Deliver more than a CMS to clients. Concierge organizes your client support. UserScape
Shopify Integrate with the Shopify API Trevor Davis
Control Panel CSS Override the default CSS in your Craft Control Panel. Double Secret Agency
Matrix Colors Add background colors to your Matrix blocks, so you can easily tell what type of block it is! Double Secret Agency
Inlin Plugin for inlining files in templates. André Elvan
Stamp Plugin for adding timestamp to filenames. André Elvan
Ace Freely An Ace Editor field type Brandon Haslip
Guest Entries Accept anonymous entry submissions with Craft. Pixel & Tonic
Snaptcha Secure and invisible captcha to protect your site from spam form submissions PutYourLightsOn (Ben Croker)
Recurring Dates Adds recurring dates field type to your Craft website NXNW
a&m Related Entries Fieldtype plugin for Craft that'll show related entries while editing an entry. a&m impact
Redactor CSS Apply CSS classes to your Craft CMS Rich Text fields i.e. Redactor WYSIWYG Nathan Doyle
Import Import CSV's with column-to-field mapping, entry/asset/user connecting and more, via Tasks Bob Olde Hampsink
Flickr PhotoPicker Provides a fieldtype to pick Flickr photos. Obiru Labs
Minimee Minify, combine & cache your CSS and JS files. Feature-rich, well-tested, Craft 2.0 ready. John D Wells
Link It One link field to replace them all, a multi-purpose link plugin for Craft CMS. Fruit Studios
Counter Counter allows you to create multiple counters that keep track of the number of times that your individual entries (or assets or users or any other elements) have been viewed. PutYourLightsOn (Ben Croker)
Sitemap Allows simple setup of XML sitemaps for search engines PutYourLightsOn (Ben Croker)
Smart Map Gives you a new "Address" fieldtype, from which you can (A) Render a Google map of your locations, (B) Sort your locations from closest to farthest, and (C) More good stuff! Double Secret Agency
CraftySocialShare Simple social share button plugin Jake Chapman
Sprout Forms Create and manage multiple forms on your website Barrel Strength Design
Sprout SEO Manage and optimize your SEO Strategy Barrel Strength Design
Sprout Email Build email marketing campaigns, manage email notifications, and integrate with third party email tools like Campaign Monitor and MailChimp. Barrel Strength Design
Sprout Commerce Powerful, flexible e-commerce for Craft CMS Barrel Strength Design
Sprout Reports Create flexible, custom reports and export your data Barrel Strength Design
Sprout Support Integrated documentation and support for Craft CMS Barrel Strength Design
Sprout Invisible Captcha Invisible Captcha provides several user-friendly methods to protect your forms from vile spammers and evil robots. Barrel Strength Design
Sprout Incremental Increment each new entry by a single number. Barrel Strength Design
Doxter Doxter is a markdown plugin designed to improve your workflow for writing docs Selvin Ortiz
Patrol Patrol simplifies maintenance mode and secure connections management Selvin Ortiz
RESS Toolbox RESS Toolbox is a plugin for implementing enabling RESS (Responsive design + Server Side components) in Craft templates. André Elvan
Pic Puller for Instagram (Craft version) Pull Instagram photos into Craft. Includes fieldtype and widget. John Morton
Sprout Email Field Enhances an input field to allow a user to test and validate an email address Barrel Strength Design
Tweet Linker Twig filter to expand urls, hashtags, user mentions in tweets. Marion Newlevant
Default Color Color fieldtype that allows for default values, and unsetting Marion Newlevant
Compatibility Adds experimental < IE10 support to Craft's CP by adding shims and css fixes. Bob Olde Hampsink
Guzzle Simple plugin to perform an HTTP GET request using Guzzle Trevor Davis
Twitter Adds tweet fields to Craft and let's you request Twitter API
Follow Allow your users to follow each other so they can get notified when new entries are posted.
Like Let your users like your website's content. They can like entries, assets and users.
Range Slider Field A simple range slider plugin with min and max settings. Jack Pallot
Sprout Active Output an active class in your template when a match exists in the URL Barrel Strength Design
Visitor Counter A simple visitor counter widget for the Dashboard. Andreas Linnert
Image Color Simple Image Color plugin for Craft CMS to extract colors from images. Familiar
Stow Cache page fragments and perform automatic cache-breaking based on entries, users, and ids Connor Smith
Sprout Link Field Enhanced input field that allows a user to test a URL Barrel Strength Design
Compressor Combine, minify and cache-break several JS and CSS resources at once Connor Smith
Profilr Profilr will list database queries, output execution time, POST data, GET data, and more. Connor Smith
Sprockets Complete asset management for Craft. Precompiles LESS/SCSS/Coffee, Minifies, and Caches Roi Kingon
Seg2Entry Stores the entry for each segment in the uri. Great for breadcrumbs! Roi Kingon
Trimmer Smart truncating / trimming of text. Truncate to nearest word & ellipsis capabilities Roi Kingon
Inherit Title Hides your title field and populates it with fields within your field layout. Roi Kingon
Redirect Manager Redirect Manager for Craft. Manage all your 301 and 302s within the CP! Roi Kingon
Reroute Manage 301/302 redirects in the control panel Trevor Davis
Dump Simple way to create DB backups in Craft CMS PutYourLightsOn (Ben Croker)
LJ Dynamic Fields Dynamic Fields allows you to populate your field options using the power of Twig. Includes checkboxes, dropdown, multi-select and radio buttons. Lewis Jenkins
Typogrify Typogrify prettifies your web typography by preventing ugly quotes and 'widows' and providing CSS hooks to style some special cases. Chief
Membership Subscriptions and recurring payments plugin based on Stripe
Commerce Flexible e-commerce plugin for Craft. Products, Carts, Orders, Multiple payment gateways including Stripe and PayPal.
Charge Simple payments for Craft powered by Stripe Square Bit
Sprout Notes Add a Notes Widget with a custom heading and body to your Craft Dashboard Barrel Strength Design
Slugify Slugify Twig Filter | slugify Bob Olde Hampsink
PHP Tweak An easy way to override your servers php.ini settings. Double Secret Agency
Curate A bookmarking plugin for Craft Lori Goldberg
Listing Section A fieldtype with a dropdown of all of the Sections in Craft Trevor Davis
Query Enables admins to run SQL queries from the Craft CP. Pixel & Tonic
Redactor Clips Adds Redactor’s “Clips” plugin to Rich Text fields in Craft Pixel & Tonic
Bust Cache bust plugin for front-end resources Trevor Davis
Hexdec Adds a ‘hexdec’ filter to Craft for converting hexidecimals to decimals Pixel & Tonic
GC Nofollow Adds rel=nofollow to anchor text links Giant Cranberry
Anchors Adds a new ‘anchors’ filter to Craft which makes headings in the content linkable Pixel & Tonic
MandrillForm Contact form plugin that uses Mandrill for sending emails Jeremy Misavage
REST Consume RESTful web services from your templates and get authenticated to 15+ APIs.
Social Login Let your visitors login into craft with social networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and GitHub.
OAuth Helps Craft developers get their plugin connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flickr and other webservices.
Directory Lets you browse and download Craft plugins without leaving the control panel.
LJ Cookies A simple plugin for setting and retrieving cookies from within Craft CMS templates. Lewis Jenkins
LJ Mobile Detect Mobile Detect implementation for Craft CMS Lewis Jenkins
Secure Field Encryption Fieldtype Romain Wurtz
Scrippets Embed .fountain formatted screenplay content. the Kitchen
Analytics Colorful widgets displaying Google Analytics stats onto your Craft Dashboard
3redkites Future Date Craft CMS plugin to show mid-month or end of month 3 Red Kites Studio Inc.
Scrawl Add markdown content to your website using a simple editor based on Codemirror and a Twig filter. Mario Friz
Roman Convert an integer into a roman numeral and vice versa. Bransin Anderson
Maps Add maps & locations to your craft website Mario Friz
Spam Guard Spam Guard allows you to harness the power of Akismet to fight spam Selvin Ortiz
MailChimp Subscribe Simple plugin for subscribing to a MailChimp list. André Elvan
Editor Template Editor Make with Morph (Luke Holder)
AutoMin Automates processing of LESS and SCSS, and combination and compression of Javascript and CSS, directly from your templates André Elvan
Videos Publish YouTube & Vimeo videos on your Craft website Dukt
Truncate A simple Craft CMS plugin/Twig filter Chris Ruzin
Source Edit Integrate ACE code editor into a block type Nicholas LeBlanc
SEO Connect to Google Webmaster Tools Dukt
Nice Time Converts a date to relative time Pv Ledoux
Sprout More Info Add custom-styled information fieldtypes to your Sections. Barrel Strength Design
LumberJack Logger with dashboard backend for viewing and searching logs. Thomas Brewer
Inspector Inspect variables in templates Adrian Macneil
Sprout Encode Email Adds multiple email obfuscation filters for your templates. Barrel Strength Design
Inflect Twig filters to puralize/singularize words Make with Morph (Luke Holder)
Dbug Visually inspect twig variables and objects in templates. Make with Morph (Luke Holder)
Contact Form Simple email contact form plugin for Craft. Pixel & Tonic
Cocktail Recipes Example plugin for the Craft CMS Beta Adrian Macneil

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